UK Personal Licence: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a UK Personal Licence?

A UK Personal Licence is a legal document that allows an individual to sell or authorize the sale of alcohol in establishments that hold a premises licence. It is a requirement for anyone involved in the sale or supply of alcohol in licensed premises.

  1. Who Needs a Personal Licence?

Anyone who works in a role that involves the sale of alcohol in licensed premises, such as pubs, bars, restaurants, and shops, is typically required to hold a Personal Licence. This includes designated premises supervisors and anyone who manages or supervises the sale of alcohol.

  1. How Do I Apply for a Personal Licence?

To apply for a Personal Licence in the UK, you must:

Be at least 18 years old.

Pass an accredited Personal Licence qualification.

Apply to your local licensing authority, usually the council where you live.

  1. What is the Personal Licence Qualification?

The Personal licence for alcohol qualification is a mandatory training course that covers the legal and social responsibilities of selling alcohol. It typically includes topics such as age verification, preventing underage sales, and understanding the licensing objectives.

  1. How Long Does a Personal Licence Last?

A Personal Licence in the UK is valid indefinitely, but it must be renewed every 10 years. Failure to renew your licence can result in its expiration, and you may need to reapply and retake the qualification if it has lapsed.

  1. Can I Transfer My Personal Licence to Another Person or Premises?

Personal Licences are not transferable between individuals. However, if you change your employment to a different premises, you can apply to transfer your Personal Licence to the new premises.

  1. What Are the Responsibilities of a Personal Licence Holder?

Personal Licence Holders are responsible for ensuring that alcohol is sold and supplied responsibly and in compliance with the law. This includes preventing underage sales, refusing service to intoxicated individuals, and maintaining order and safety on the premises.

  1. Can I Hold a Personal Licence if I Have a Criminal Conviction?

Having a criminal conviction does not automatically disqualify you from holding a Personal Licence. However, the licensing authority will assess each application on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature and relevance of the conviction.

  1. What Happens if I Lose My Personal Licence?

If your Personal Licence is lost or stolen, you should report it to your local licensing authority as soon as possible. You may need to apply for a replacement licence, and there may be fees associated with this process.

  1. Can I Apply for a Personal Licence Online?

The application process for a Personal Licence may vary depending on the local licensing authority. Some authorities may offer online applications, while others may require you to submit a paper application. It’s best to check with your local authority for specific application procedures.

UK Personal Licence: Frequently Asked Questions
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